Darian King loses temper, hits lineswoman with racquet


Darian King has been defaulted from a Challenger tournament in Virginia, after hurting a lineswoman when he threw his racquet in a fit of rage.

The world no.310 allegedly lost his temper after losing a tiebreak point in his first round match.

The 22 year old threw his racquet at a tarpaulin surrounding the court, which unfortunately for the lineswoman, rebounded and hit her in the back. The sudden blow left the official lying on the ground in pain for several minutes.

She was later cleared of any serious injury, after receiving immediate medical treatment on the court.

The incident left match commentators stunned as a bemused King tried to plead his case to the umpire, repeating that he didn’t her. He was however, disqualified for a code violation.

The young Barbados player has won three Future titles this year in the US, Romania and the Netherlands. He has also won five of his six Davis Cup singles matches, to help his country progress to the first group next year.