Amir Khan donates £30k shorts to Peshawar army school


Two time world champion boxer Amir Khan announced that he will be donating a pair of £30,000 gold threaded boxer shorts to the Peshawar army school in Pakistan.

The purpose of the donation is to rebuild and strengthen the Peshawar army school which faced a massive tragedy earlier this week. 141 children and staff were killed by members of the Taliban terrorist group, resulting in massive chaos and general gloom within the city itself.

School properties were also damaged and Amir hopes that this donation will be able to assist them to not only rebuild the school, but also strengthen the security around the city.

“It was just very sad to see innocent kids being killed” said the 28 year old. “I want to donate the shorts for the Peshawar cause, rebuild a school and strengthen security around the area.”

“I can only imagine what those parents are going through. We are very lucky in England, we have good security and I will be able to send my little girl to school and know she will be fine, but in Pakistan you cannot do that.

“They send the kids outside the house and do not know if they are going to come back. It’s very sad to know that.”

Amir Khan wore the shorts, which is made of 24-carat gold threats, in his victory over Devon Alexander in Las Vegas. The win was recognized as a symbolic one as well as it allowed Amir to retain the WBC Silver Welterweight title.