VIDEO: Pacquiao releases inspirational clip ahead of Mayweather duel


May 2. That’s the date that every boxing fan across the globe is waiting for with Manny Pacquiao set to take on Floyd Mayweather in what has been dubbed as the ‘Fight of the Century’

Both men are known as supreme boxers of their generation and this particular bout has been discussed and proposed on numerous occassions throughout the years. But it was confirmed earlier this year, sending massive shockwaves across the globe.

Pacquiao, who has a reputation of being a ‘People’s Champ’, is already midway through his preparations, and the mind games has officially kicked off as well.

Just four hours ago, Manny released a music video on his official Facebook page; one that he directed himself. The inspirational video features clips of him preparing for the duel with Mayweather as well as images of people from the Philippines; all of whom will undoubtedly be rooting for him on the day.

Watch the video below!