Amir Khan: I’m focused on Algieri, not Mayweather


British welterweight boxer, Amir Khan is in full preparations to face New Yorker Chris Algieri this week and is determined to not think about a potential fight with Floyd Mayweather.

“I’ve made the mistake of looking past opponents before and I’m not going to make that mistake again. I’m within touching distance of a big mega-fight but like I said, we have to get past this fight on Friday night. Hopefully we get past this in good fashion and I think the Mayweather fight will be there,” said Khan as quoted from Bad Left Hook.

There has been ongoing talks about Khan and Mayweather and fans are hoping for the next ‘big fight’ to happen between the two. Tension has already been sparked between both men, with the 28 year-old claiming that Mayweather had expressed his desire to see Khan lose against Algieri.

“They (Mayweather’s team) are hoping for me to not win against Algieri. If I win, they will arrogantly proclaim that I’m not a worthy opponent or one that’s in the same level with Mayweather. That will eventually lead to a cancelling the fight this September.”

“Besides, they have also predicted that I will be facing difficulties in the match against Algieri. That’s what they would say when they don’t wish to fight me.”

Amir Khan is definitely not looking forward for any cancellation and hopes to seize victory after the Ramadan month which ends in July.

“I will be the first person to defeat Mayweather and then he can retire with peace. They say I’m beatable but I promise it will emerge as the hardest fight they will have even gone through,” he added.

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