VIDEO: Bayern Munich enthrall fans with hilarious advert


Bayern Munich fans, stop what you’re doing and look at this. In fact, everyone should take a pause and look at this.

Apparently, the German club’s players had joint hands to star in an ad to promote its new flagship store. The players showed off some of the great mundane products offered by at the club shop.

The ad started off pretty normal and serious- almost as if it was promoting the club’s forces or skills.

In the beginning we have Thomas Muller doing a stunning overhead kick, then off to Arjen Robben displaying his fantastic dribbling skills before a powerful kick by captain Philipp Lahm. The ad proceeds with a great header from Bastian Schweinsteiger and Manuel Neuer appears with a jump, trying to catch a… wait, is that a garden gnome?

This is where the humour begins.

Schweinsteiger appears with headphones and gnawing on something that looks like a sandwich whereas Lahm stares at the screen, in hopes of garnering attention to his fancy watch. The climax approaches with Muller dressed in a lederhosen (traditional Bavarian outfit) and dancing a jig. Neuer puts on a swagger by showing the FC Bayern Munchen flag before releasing it to strike Lahm. The promo ends with Robben dunking his tea bag in the club cup with quite a smug expression.

Words can’t compete with the actual so check out the hilarious ad down below:

Well, that was a totally different side compared to what we usually see on the field. Certainly a nice way to promote one’s product, don’t you think?


Photo credits: sportsjoe