Badrul Hisham aiming to beat Tan Sri Dr. Jegathesan’s record

Photo Credit: Astro Awani

National sprinter Badrul Hisham Abdul Manap is still not at all satisfied with his record-breaking result in the 100m event.

The young champ is now setting a new target of beating Tan Sri Dr. M. Jegathesan’s 47 year-old record in the 200m event.

Badrul almost broke the record in October with a time record of 20.88s but it was a shame as it was not taken into account due the aid of the wind; which was blowing at the speed of 2.2m/s during the fourth edition of the Unimap Athletics Championship which was held in the Syed Sirajuddin Areeb Putra Stadium in Arau. Results are only considered if the speed of wind is nothing above 2.0m/s.

But having broken Watson Nyambek’s record in the 100m event, the Melaka-born star is ever so determined to erase Jegathesan’s record of 20.92s which was set in 1968. T

“I have always wanted to set a new record in the 200m event and I will do my very best to renew that record since so many have failed to do so,” said Badrul as quoted from Utusan.

“The championship in Kazan is the best place for me to do so because there will be many great contenders, especially the ones from Jamaica.”

Meanwhile, his personal coach, Mohd Poad Abdul Kasim is determined to continue coaching Badrul; claiming that he can bring the best out of him.

“Badrul and I are very comfortable with each other and I have trained him since he was 10. I do quite understand everything about him, especially in terms of his capabilities in training,” he added.