Sazali Samad confirmed as bodybuilder who failed doping test

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After tons of speculation and accusations, it has been confirmed that the national bodybuilder who failed the out-of-competition doping test conducted by the National Anti-Doping Agency of Malaysia (ADAMAS) on September 1 was 10-time Mr Universe Sazali Samad.

Sazali was seen at attending a doping hearing with the Malaysian Bodybuilding Federation (MBF) disciplinary board at the Desa Tasik Sports Complex in Sungai Besi this morning.

Any disciplinary action towards Sazali will be announced in a press conference next week.

Reports suggest that the banned substance that contributed to his doping test failure could be a form of steroids.

“I was advised to not speak or give any comments about the issue for now. We will have to wait for the press conference next week. I’m afraid it might disrupt the investigation,” said Sazali as quoted from Utusan.

“Thank you for understanding me and giving me the support I need.”