“Please think twice!” – TMJ slams FMLLP’s Kevin Ramalingam

Photo Credits: kl.coconuts.com

Johor DT’s royal patron Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has publicly lashed out at Football Malaysia’s CEO, Kevin Ramalingam over comments that were released in a local daily earlier today.

Over the weekend, TMJ shared skeptical comments regarding the National Football Awards Ceremony that was held last Friday, claiming that most of the candidates were shortlisted by virtue of nepotism.

But Kevin clarified the situation by saying that TMJ was probably confused with regards to  how the selection process worked before going on to explain how 72 individuals were involved in the process.

TMJ though, was visibly infuriated with Kevin’s statements. “Think twice before you say I’m confused,” he lashed out through a statement that was released on JOHOR Southern Tigers’ Facebook page earlier today.

Photo Credit: Johor DT
Photo Credit: Johor DT

“Kevin Ramalingam came up with the statement that TMJ might be confused.Well i’m going to take this thing to the next level and let the public decide. How can i be confused when i know what is going on and that even you Kevin are part of the system. Obviously i know where your loyalty stands, you’re getting paid by FMLLP every month and you’re also getting paid by FAM on a monthly basis if i’m not mistaken.

“You’ve also admitted to me during our meeting in Thistle Hotel that FAM is taking a big chunk of the sponsorship money which was supposed to be used to run the league and also to be distributed to the participating teams. Hence, I don’t understand why they need a bigger budget when there is no longer Harimau Muda, league or referees to take care off,” TMJ added.

To view TMJ’s full statement, visit JOHOR Southern Tigers’ Facebook page.