“Stay strong, Sazali” – Dato’ Lee Chong Wei

Photo Credit: Sinar Harian

After national bodybuilder Sazali Samad’s doping case made it to the back pages of the national papers, everyone had mixed opinions about the integrity of the athlete and also the national sports scene.

However, badminton superstar Lee Chong Wei, who also went through a series of meltdown after his own doping case this year, urged Sazali to stay strong in dealing with his four-year suspension.

“I hope Sazali can stay strong in facing this challenge,” said Chong Wei as quoted from Utusan.

“I do sympathise his situation because he is suspended for four years. I feel like this is the end of his career. I can’t give a detailed opinion because I don’t know his case very well.”

“I hope that he can recover soon (mentally and physically) because his suspension is too long. I was suspended for eight months and that was already so stressful.”

Meanwhile, Sazali stated that he has no plans in retiring and vows to continue lifting up the country’s name after his suspension ends.

“I’m not retiring,” said the 10-time Mr Universe.

“For now I just want to take a rest and continue training as usual.”

When asked about his plans besides training, the 48 year-old claimed that he has not thought about further plans and just hoped for a better year in 2016.