New Kelantan jerseys will aid weight loss and skin whitening – DS Vida

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Kelantan FA (KAFA) will officially launch four DSV (Datuk Seri Vida) jerseys with ‘extraordinary’ features that will make you lose weight and whiten your skin, tomorrow.

Qu Puteh Vida Beauty owner, Datuk Seri Dr Hazmiza Othman (Dr Vida) said the jersey is manufactured and custom-made with material from China, Vietnam and Thailand, using the latest technology.

“Four of the jerseys that will be launched as the first edition will have functions of trapping sweat and whitening your skin. When I strive for something, I like to look forward and let the results do the talking,” she said, as reported by Free Malaysia Today.

“This jersey improves blood circulation of the user and helps to burn fat by creating perspiration. The process of drying off the sweat will whiten your skin as if you were coming out from a sauna.

“I have been designing this material for a while to create slimming products that will make your skin whiter. However, I decided to apply it to the Pamoga Qu Puteh The Red Warriors (PQPTRW) jersey for the upcoming season,” she added.

Dr Vida also said that she will release two versions for each of the four jerseys, with about 20,000 jerseys to be under the first edition.

Out of the four jerseys, the traditional Kelantan red-white and pink-white will be used during home games, whereas pink-blank and blue-white will be worn during away matches.