“Buy referees? I’d rather buy the Prime Minister!” – TMJ

Photo Credit: MalayMailOnline.com

Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail ibni Sultan Ibrahim has slammed speculations suggesting that Johor Darul Ta’azim are bribing referees to comfortably win football games.

Through a post that was unleashed on their Facebook page yesterday, Tunku Ismail, or TMJ as he’s fondly known, proclaimed that he’d rather use his financial might to buy the Prime Minister and potentially even put himself in the position, than use it to buy over referees for the sake of winning a football game.

“With all the money I have do you really think I buy the referees?,” TMJ said.

Photo Credit: Johor Southern Tigers
Photo Credit: Johor Southern Tigers

“I’ll be more interested to buy the Prime Minister and make myself the Prime Minister rather than paying referees to win a football match. But what to do? I always think big and they always think small,” he added, referring to his critics.

TMJ also went on to take a swipe towards the ongoing investigation regarding 1MDB, when claims of JDT’s success being solely pinned on their financial might, were made. TMJ responded by saying: No, RM100 million and many more missing in the country and no one is looking for it. You should channel your curiosity on that rather than JDT’s money. JDT is just a small club with big dreams.

Photo Credit: Omar Zin/FourthOfficial.com
Photo Credit: Omar Zin/FourthOfficial.com

“The difference in mentality between me and those narrow-minded individuals is that I’m always feeling worried for them about GST, while they are more worried about TMJ showing off his wealth.

“Congratulations! You’re the type of people every government around the world likes. Because you’re blind,” he added.