TMJ wants local football clubs to stop imploring for sympathy

Photo: New Straits Times

It appears that His Royal Highness Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim is sick and tired of politicians who are running football clubs with an ulterior motive.

The Crown Prince, fondly known as TMJ, made a statement on the Johor Southern Tiger’s Facebook page, saying he’s “amazed” at the level of hypocrisy in the country, be it in sports or other areas.

“It’s funny to see how politicians run football clubs. Here we are trying to educate football fans and clubs that football clubs are responsible for their own finances and actions and that the government’s money should be used only for the people’s welfare.” the Crown Prince said.

He also claims that some clubs have misused their funds and are now trying to gain sympathy from the government for financial assistance.

“The government and politicians see it as an opportunity for them to capitalize on this and achieve their political party’s agendas.” he added.

“So if this is the case, I think all teams should threaten to pull out so we all can get money from the government.”

The Crown Prince also called for everyone to drop the “Hollywood act” and start doing the right thing.

What do you think? Is football being used as a political tool in Malaysia?