TMJ is very serious about unsettled wages – Kevin Ramalingam

Photo: NSTP/Osman Adnan

Malaysia football’s unsettled, delayed, deferred, long overdue salary issue has been on the news for a long time.

Despite pressure from the fans and the media, and multiple warnings from the Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP), some clubs have yet to settle their player’s wages.

A frustrated FMLLP’s chief officer Kevin Ramalingam confessed that at least six teams are at risk of losing points if they do not settle the salary issue by Friday. He went on to add that the teams have been given ample time and reminders to settle the players’ wages.

Unfortunately, warnings and reminders were not enough to incite the teams to take this matter seriously. Furthermore, FMLLP has no authority to issue a penalty or punishment, they can only propose to the Football Association of Malaysia’s disciplinary committee to take strong action.

“These six teams have until Friday to settle their outstanding amount. Otherwise, they will be docked points,” Kevin Ramalingam told The Star. However, he refused to name the teams.

“The teams have been given ample time. And we have also constantly reminded them about the consequences of not settling the wages.” he added.

“We know some teams are facing financial constraints. To help them, we’re willing to accept scheduled payments to the players involved. We want these teams to work on settling their debts.

“The Tunku Mahkota Johor views this matter seriously. He has always advocated prudent spending. He is on the same page with us on this issue.” Kevin said, explaining that the new FAM president is on board the “deducting points” penalty over unpaid salary.

Looks like Former Kelantan import Jonathan McKain is also on board the idea, as he applauded TMJ’s stand over player’s unpaid salary issue on his official Twitter page.

McKain, whose unpaid salary case is currently at FIFA, has called out Kelantan FA numerous times for failing to to keep their end of the deal.