FAM has no money & I have no idea why – TMJ

Photo: The Star

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has proven to be a man of action ever since he got appointed as the new Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) president on the 25th of March.

Even before he was sworn in as president, he made a promise to be transparent and honest with local football fans — should we win the FAM elections.

Staying true to his words, the Crown Prince of Johor held a meeting with local sports editors and journalists yesterday, where he made some shocking but honest revelations.

The first shocking news that the new FAM president revealed was that former Johor Darul Ta’zim’s head coach, Mario Gomez, may not be appointed as Malaysia’s national football head coach after all, due to a contract dispute. You can read more about it here.

The second shocking confession Tunku Ismail made was that the FAM has no money, and he has no idea where it has all gone.

“There is no time to cover up what has happened. FAM has no money, and I have no idea where it has all gone.”

“On the first day I had entered the FAM in my official capacity as president, oozing with confidence and ideas, ready to rock and roll. So, I started checking everything, I got all the files, I got everybody coming up to me…FAM has no money.” NST quoted the FAM president as saying.

“I couldn’t be bothered to ask around because it’s not the time for me to blame anyone. Only that I don’t even know whose idea it was to sign the deal with MP Silva. I will let the fans to decide themselves.”

The President went on to add that FAM needs at least RM 40 million to ensure the M League can be run properly.

“RM40 million shortage of money! How am I going to run the league? How am I going to look after the national team, how to change a new coach, buy equipment?”

“Right now I need to work hard to look for money for the FAM and settle the broadcasting rights for teams and competitions in Malaysia.”

This budget constraint also drove FAM to terminate the services of 20 technical and administrative staff — in line with the organisation’s restructuring efforts.