TMJ is investing his own money into FAM – Here’s why

Photo Credit: Zimbio

It didn’t take long for Tunku Ismail ibni Sultan Ibrahim to come out in public and reveal the deplorable financial issues faced by Football Association of Malaysia, but it now appears that he is willing to dig deep in an effort to help the governing body bounce back.

Since the fiasco with Mario Gomez broke out, FAM have revealed much on who the next national team boss will be but Secretary General, Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin took to Facebook last night to clarify the situation, besides revealing that TMJ has agreed to invest his own money in their search for credible candidates.


“Currently there are many of you asking about the status of the national coach. You need to know that the current President is managing an organisation taken over from the previous management. From our existing coffer, we only have little money left. If we want to hire a coach, not only we need to look for someone with a good background, but also someone who will accept our offer,” Hamidin said.

“Do take note that our offer isn’t huge because the FAM is broke. However, many didn’t know that the President has used his own money to increase the budget to appoint and get a better coach.”


“So, you need to realise that picking the coach is not as easy as buying books, which you can do easily. If the coach is not good and one day we want to get rid of him, we will need to fork out more money. Due to that, we need to be thorough in picking a coach who can take on the responsibility of managing Harimau Malaya for the long term.

“For the time being there’s a candidate from Portugal, and another will meet with the President within the next few days. And His Royal Highness doesn’t want to say too much to the media because the matter cannot be disclosed yet. We can only share with the media once it’s confirmed.”


“So, be patient and don’t be quick to act out. We need to look for a coach for a penniless organisation and the President himself has helped out with his own money. So, please understand and show a professional behaviour,” he added.

Who do you think Malaysia’s next national team coach will be?