Say hello to Kedah’s new head coach, Nidzam Adzha

Photo: KFA

And rightfully so.

Nidzam Adzha Yusoff had to step up as interim coach after former Kedah head coach Tan Cheng Hoe abruptly tendered his resignation on the 1st of April.

Tan Cheng Hoe decided to relinquish his position after he was earmarked for the position of assistant head coach for the national team – which has been confirmed since.

If there were any questions about Nidzam’s ability to carry on Tan Cheng Hoe’s legacy with the Red Eagles, they have been either answered or silenced when Kedah lifted the FA Cup last Saturday night. Kedah defeated Pahang 3-2 at the 2017 FA Cup final in Shah Alam to emerge champions.

The victory proved that Nidzam Adzha is indeed the right man to lead Kedah, and rightfully the management team at the Kedah Football Association (KFA) feel the same way. As a result, KFA have instated Nidzam Adzha as the new head coach of Kedah.

“I’d like to thank KFA for appreciating efforts and putting trust in me by appointing me as head coach.” Bharian quoted Nidzam as saying.

Last week, Nidzam revealed at a press conference that KFA have promised to promote him as head coach if Kedah emerge as champions the FA Cup final.

“I’ll continue to improve Kedah’s performance and standings in the Super League, and focus on the Malaysia cup — which is a huge challenge for me.”

“I will work hard to keep our winning momentum going as planned. It’s not easy to win, and it’s even harder to keep up a winning momentum. But I am determined to make that happen, I will do everything in my power to make Kedah enjoy continuous success.” coach Nidzam said.

However, KFA have yet to release an official statement on this at the time of writing.

Kedah’s next match is against T-Team, which will take place at the Darul Aman Stadium on the 24th of May.