? Jamie Carragher takes down Gary Neville during Carrick’s testimonial match


Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher have been at each other’s throats for more than 20 years and they faced off against each once again at Michael Carrick’s testimonial match yesterday.

We all know that Gary Neville spent his entire life at Manchester United whereas Jamie Carragher did the same for Liverpool, and the pair ventured into punditry after retirement. They have always disagreed with one another and it brought humour to the general audience.

As Gary Neville had possession of ball during the match between the Manchester United 08′ XI and Michael Carrick All Stars at the Theatre of Dreams, Jamie Carragher rushed towards the former Red Devils skipper and 70,000 fans were on their toes. However, it was too late for Gary Neville to avoid the ex-Kop and it brought smiles to everyone in the stadium.

In all fairness, Jamie Carragher did warn Gary Neville before the testimonial match!