WATCH: Tempers flare on the track as Vettel rams into Hamilton


The Azerbaijan GP that took place yesterday was filled with intense drama between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

Hamilton, who was leading the pack during the second safety car period “brake-tested” Vettel who was close behind, causing the German to ram into his rear.

An angry Vettel then drove up next to Hamilton and rammed into his side, with his hand shooting up to say “What was that about?”

“He brake tested me,” Vettel was heard saying over the team radio.

Vettel was given a 10-second penalty for “dangerous driving”, but he still finished ahead of Hamilton, who lost precious seconds when he got his head rest fixed.

Eventually, Australia’s Daniel Ricciardo emerged as the champion; followed by Valteri Bottas, and newcomer Lance Stroll who was shocked to have secured a podium finish.